Active Duty and Veteran Owned and Operated

Average is unacceptable.

When you are dedicated and determined to become a better version of yourself, why settle for anything less than the best you can possibly be?

Iron. Intensity. Innovation.

I3 Strength and Performance combines old school training principles with new school applications and equipment, creating an intense environment made for those who are willing to give it all. 

Personal Training

We boast a team full of personal trainers with diverse backgrounds, training, education, experience, and expertise. From day one to the end of your journey we have trainers that can meet your needs.


We have standard weight training, bodybuilding, and powerlifting coaches if you are someone who is looking to tap into your competitive side and take your game to the next level.


If you like a little more autonomy we also have coaches who program for lifters of all experience and training levels. Allow one of our coaches to create a custom training regimen for you to follow using our innovative facilities.

A 7,500 square foot iron paradise...

With over 24 different types of bars, 50,000 pounds of plates, two monolifts, 8 squat racks, dumbbells and kettlebells up to 200 pounds, sleds, chains, bands, atlas stones, and tires there is nothing you can’t do in this iron playground. 


Monday-Friday 0300-2200

Staffed hours
Monday – Thursday: 1100-1800
Friday: 1200 – 1700

Saturday and Sunday 0600-2000 (Non-staffed)

Phone: (706)-250-0511
Address: 281 Settlement Road, Martinez, GA 30907